Green Building

This innovative park is part of a sustainable development initiative that places great emphasis on the quality of the working environment.

In the middle of a vast expanse of structured and non-structured soft landscaping, the heart of the park includes facilities and services designed to make the life of users, occupiers and visitors alike as agreable as possible in a working environment.

Environmental Approach

  • Effective management and monitoring of the buildings characteristics combined with solutions that decrease the consumption of electricity and other media and reduce waste of pollutants.
  • The materials used in construction are environment-friendly. They are free of volatile organic compounds or emit them only in minimal quantities.
  • Tightened quality control of the project and its execution that guarantees durability and reliability of the buildings.
  • Waste water disposal

Occupant Comfort

  • High-quality finishing materials and perfect daylight of the interior of the buildings ensure comfortable working environment and have a significant impact on the well-being of office workers.
  • The soft landscaping including its many water features has been created by landscape designers.
  • Fire surveillance (SSIAP agent 24h/24)
  • Full technical and structural maintenance team
  • Staff canteen